Course Tutors

Gema Gomez, SlowfashionNext


Gema is Founder of the Sustainable Fashion Platform in Spain Slow Fashion Next. After her work as Fashion Designer in the Trend Institute “Peclers Paris” in Paris, and in two Fast Fashion Companies in Madrid, she decided to start a project, a new way of understanding, producing and creating fashion, in line with the current environmental and social demands.

Speaker, Coach and Professor, she has taught Sustainable Fashion courses for six years in different Universities, Masters and Business Schools such as “IED” (Instituto Europeo de Diseño) in Madrid, University of “Fco. de Vitoria”, Cultural Management Máster at the “UCM” (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), at “ISEM Fashion Business School”, Companies as “Linea Directa” in Colombia and “Gioseppo” in Alicante, and workshops and awareness talks in Spain and outside Spain for “RTVE”, “RNE”, Fashion Associations such as “Acotex”, in shows, congress and events such as “Momad”, “Zincshower”, “Sustainable Brands BCN”, “Ecodal” in Chile, “Beirut Design Week”, and “Universidad Pascual Bravo” in Medellín, among others, with the aim of developing alternatives for producing and consuming textile products, because only by expanding our knowledge, perspective and vision we will be able to provide truly innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

Thibault Liebenguth, Creative Consultant, Agence Innovation Responsable (AIR)

Thibault Liebenguth_AIR

Consultant at Agence Innovation Responsable (AIR) since more that 5 years, he is an advisor for outdoor and textile brands in their Corporate Social Responsability program, from brand vision to eco-design. After 10 years in marketing and several start up creations in sustainable development, he will bring to us its vision of eco-design, co-builted with the entire eco-system of a company.

Pascal Denizart, CEO – CETI European Centre of Innovative Textiles


Pascal Denizart, who joined the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI) in june 2014, has over 30 years of expertise in the textile, apparel industries and retail (covering all the technical processes: spinning, nonwoven, knitting, woven, dyeing, sewing). With his textile engineer background, he has previously worked for the french Institute of textile and apparel (IFTH), where he was the head of marketing and business development, setting up added value corporate solutions and accelerating innovation in the field of advanced textiles. He also entered the AGILE (ORACLE) marketing corporate team, and spent four years with LECTRA in managing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) corporate Business, acquiring strong competences in the digital area. Pascal Denizart is also an Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg, specialist of eco and business design.

Juliette Vauthier , Business developper, Lifestyle Innovation Studio – CETI European Centre of Innovative Textiles